Rahmaan Statik is an artist who has overtime become known for his large scale pieces that unite the past and present of the world community.  Raised on the Southside of Chicago Rahmaan Statik began his career with the intention to place images of positivity in communities that longed for better representation.  As Rahmaan Statik continues to travel the world it has become more apparent than ever that art speaks life to the world and should reflect the voices of those living in it.

Rahmaan Statik: "Great Wall of Chicago. 20x90ft section. Spray paint on concrete wall. 87th and Vinciennes, Chicago, IL. The elder man, woman, and the large male face on right side painted by Dred Ski.  All other images by Rahmaan Statik


Rahmaan Statik: "Great Wall of Chicago.  Spray paint on concrete wall. 87th and Vinciennes, Chicago, IL. 

Rahmaan Statik: "Better Together", Northend Community Center, Faith Ministries, Lafayette Indiana. 2000 Elmwood Ave. 24x80ft, Spray paint on cinderblock wall.  Assistant artists Gape, and Dred Ski

Rahmaan Statik: "Grand Imperial" Spray paint and mosaic on concrete. 18x30ft. Rosemont Convention Center, MB Park mural project.

Rahmaan Statik: "Age of Aquarius. Spray paint on concrete. 15x30ft. Rosemont Convention Center, MB Park mural project

Rahmaan Statik: Optical Hi-Fi. Spray paint and acrylic paint on concrete and brick wall.  Hard Rock Cafe, 66 E Ontario. Chicago, IL

Rahmaan Statik: "Aerosol Medusa" 26x18ft. Spray paint on stucco concrete.  Madison Wisconsin. Momentum Urban Art Festival 2019

Rahmaan Statik: "Kobe and Gianna" Spray paint on brick wall 20x25ft. Overton Elementary, 49th and Indiana. Chicago, IL

Rahmaan Statik: "Yes And" 12x18ft. Spray paint on brick wall.  The revival, 55th and University. HydePark. Chicago, IL

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